The system Mandarin Solutions integrator has started a new line of cloudy decisions — Mandarin Clouds

At present the following services are available to connection with preliminary free testing:

Traffic Director M — the analysis and traffic control in real time. Therefore important applications receive a bigger priority, business processes accelerate, shadow traffic is eliminated from network. The service is provided on the basis of the equipment Allot Communications and is calculated on a wide range of users: from large a telecom of the companies before medium business. Also this product will interest the companies providing access to public network.

Traffic Cleaner — fast detecting and suppression of DDoS of the attacks of any complexity. A service procedure for granting — studying of consumption of resources of network for a certain period. So the system creates model from which in the presence of deviations the automatic signal of the possible attack is sent. Cleaning of a flow of information happens at the level of each package. Thus, not all traffic among which there can be necessary information but only those packages which are recognized as harmful is blocked.
WebWhatch360 — technology of protection of the computers and other devices connected to network and settings the politician at the enterprise. Web Watch 360 represents functionality of a network antivirus, protection against a phishing, content filtration and also gives the chance to block advertizing or its separate elements.

Flex Cloud — computing cloudy resources and data storage in a cloud. The service is provided on the basis of capacities of the data-centers of partners.
This service is calculated on a wide range of the companies and will be useful to hi-tech startups and research projects.